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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Fare thee well, 2008! Salutations, 2009!

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It has been a good year for me overall.
I completed my first year of Bachelor of Music and made some really good friends along the way.
Of course there were struggles along the way of this year...but there are challenges to face every year, right? Getting through challenges are what makes a year a great one!
The struggles for me this year were jumping straight back into playing the piano after stopping it for four years, struggling to make friends at the beginning of the year due to my timidness and lack of confidence, and having to deal with chronic fatigue syndrome for the majority of the year. Despite all this, I have managed to improve a great deal on the piano in terms of technique and musicality. I have developed a greater appreciate for music and now I'm enjoying it whole-heartedly. I've also made some of the best friends anyone could ever have at the Con...seriously, I have met some of the nicest people ever this year! My grades have been pretty good throughout the year, there's always room for improvement but I am very happy with my academic achievements. I've also gained a lot of energy mentally. I've never been happier in my life and with this great deal of happiness and the slight gain in self-esteem I feel that I can achieve anything if I put my mind to it. I am really looking forward to making next year an even better one than this! far I've had quite a backwards day. For breakfast I had lunch, and for lunch I had breakfast.
By this I mean for breakfast I had a salmon salad with pasta, and for lunch I had cereal xD. Don't ask me just turned out this way today. Do I have any plans for the new year's eve night? Just a quiet family & friends gathering. I don't know if I will have a bit of a party with my usual high school friends or not. It depends if I get kidnapped or not...and if my mother allows it xD.

New Year's resolutions? I've got a few:
- Get at least Distinction for all my subjects (I've realised this year just how hard that actually is lol).
- Get back into shape (ie get fit again...being able to run at least 3km...I'm getting there :D)
- Be an even happier person than I already am
- Visit my high school friends in Melbourne and Shan Shan in Sydney at some point during the short holidays.

I have some other bigger, bizaar resolutions but I don't want to dream too big. I figured I'd be happier achieving little achievements before leaping into big ones that are unrealistic at this point in my life as a studying university student.

Anyway, I'm pretty happy with my life right now with significant healthy choices I've made for '08. I am confident that 2009 will be the best year yet! It will certainly have a good start as I am set off to visit my relatives in Singapore and Malaysia from mid January! I'M EXCITED!!
I hope you all have a fantastic year too! Hope you all manage to achieve your resolutions and have a happy and healthy new year!

Stay safe, everyone!

Love Min

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Why I am having negative thoughts about guys...

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Sorry to start this on such a negative note right after Christmas but I am in such a disgusted mood right now that I feel in order to keep my sanity I need to vent somehow...

So there's this guy I know from high school who was talking to me over msn. My display picture was just an innocent Christmas photo of my dad and I from our family dinner party. The photo focuses on our faces (naturally) and borders just below our shoulders. This guy has the nerve to say "Min, your photo needs to be a few inches lower ;)". At first I took that as a flirtatious joke so I wasn't phased...but his comments through time went a bit further. After some time of him consistently making creepy comments about me I let him know that I was feeling uncomfortable and insulted by the things he was saying about me. You would think after I said something he'd stop...but no...
He continued with more creepy suggestions and comments on the type of girl that I really am on the inside or at least should be...some tramp or skank that was nothing more than pleasurable flesh that he wouldn't mind having in his pants...

I soon blocked him, of course. I don't plan on talking to him again either. Hopefully when I return to Adelaide I won't see him around either...yeah...he's situated in Adelaide at the moment...lucky me...I've bumped into him countless times in Adelaide too. Great... -.-;;

This is not the first time a guy that I've been friends/acquainted with have said stuff like this to me.
Last year someone who I considered as one of my best friends said he never wanted to be my friend, but just wanted to get into my pants...

I have done NOTHING to provoke these guys into thinking that I would do anything like that...NOTHING!

Is this supposed to boost my self esteem?! Am I not meant to be hurt by this?!

I am so offended...I feel dirty. I've done nothing. Absolutely nothing. I am as innocent as anyone could get...and I still feel dirty.

Some guys can be such pricks...

Again I apologise for my negative vibes here...
I had a nice Christmas with my family though and I hope you all had a nice Christmas too! Have a great New Year, everyone!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Green Tree Frogs & Rain

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I haven't posted anything in a while and since I am now on holidays it's probably about time I should.

I will attempt to keep this short since I'm exhausted and I can't be bothered (but I know once I get started, I can't stop).

The last few weeks of uni was hectic. I was really affected by chronic fatigue syndrome but I overcame it with my stubborn willpower and self-discipline to linger on into the depths of despair during the exam-cramming season. Luckily I've made some awesome friends this year! I was so worried at the beginning of the year that I wasn't going to make any friends at uni. Sometimes I'm too shy for my own good. I think it's funny how I could come across as an extremely timid, quiet, and possibly reclusive person in the first few impressions on me...and then after a couple of encounters...BAM! I just don't shut up :'D. Meh...I have too many polar opposites in my personality, even I can't predict what I'm really like.

Anyhoo...friends! I miss them a lot while being in Darwin. I often talk about them to my Darwinian friends.
I've gotten quite close to some in the past few months and there are also some I also want to get to know better some more. I just want to thank them for being awesome, sharing good times, making me laugh, looking after me and keeping me sane this year! You all know who you are :).

My results came out a couple of weeks ago. I thought I did better but it's not too bad. I can't say that I can't be proud of my efforts for this year.

Speaking of this year...far out, it really flew. Time flies way too quickly. I can't even come to terms of me growing up!

Well I'm back in Darwin. I have been for over three weeks now. It's so good to be home. I've missed the rain and the humidity soooo much! The green tree frogs are keeping me awake. I did miss the sound of their persistent croaking but now I just want to go outside and shoot them =P.

I've been catching up with my high school friends and it's very comforting (and at times not really) to know that they haven't changed at all...they're all still as weird and psychotic as ever! I can feel my IQ drop 100 points (assuming that I have over 100 points but I don't want to get cocky since it's ME I'm talking about) every time I'm around them, haha xD. We've had birthday parties, dinner parties, and Kris Kringle parties just to name a few. After three years of graduating from high school, it's great that we still catch up and find some time to spend with each other. Strong bonds are impossible to break, huh?

I can't also fail to mention it's great to see my parents too :). I've been giving my mother a massage almost every night (because she has back and neck problems) and been going out for lunch/dinner with dad whenever I could. It's nice spoiling my parents ad being spoiled in return :P.

Well other than bumming around, catching up with people, and feeling nostalgic, I've also been practising hard for my next year's program too. I am determined to impress my piano teacher, Lucinda.

Argh! I can never make these journal entries short.
Well, I guess this is enough to brief over my past month. I'm really just posting this because the frogs are keeping me awake, I'm bored, and I feel obliged to post something up about my mundane life =P.

Until next time!

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