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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Time started: 02:17
Place: My room (Wattle Park)
Listening to: "End of the World (Xilent Remix)" - Alex Metric ft. Charli XCX
Weather: Cold and windy
Mood: Exhausted

Spring is my least favourite season for multiple reasons:
1. Pollen - The devilish cause of my frequent multiple sneezes, itchy eyes, runny nose, and fatigue.
2. Weather - Bipolar in nature, it is hard to predict whether it will be sunny, windy, rainy, hot, cold, or in between. My body's thermostat just cannot cope with the sudden, contrasting, and extreme changes.
3. Cleaning - I never understood why this is the season to clean but everyone seems to clean at epic proportions during this time of year. Perhaps everyone is too lazy or cold to clean during Winter and mess piles up. I know this was the reason for me, anyway.

Well it took me two days just to clean my room. I am at fault for procrastinating for the majority of two of the days though. 284 sneezes later, my room is finally clean and tidy! I still haven't cleaned the kitchen yet and I still have to do the dishes and laundry!

Over the past few years I have developed very bad habits of being messy. I am going to have to correct these habits before I move back home to live with mum in Darwin because she has severe OCD. I much prefer being in a clean and tidy environment anyway (as I guess it would be the same for anyone, really).

I really should stop making such mundane's just too bad there's nothing interesting happening in my life right now. The next month or so will surely have improvements for the Interesting Radar...

Time finished: 02:29

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lance Dossor Prize

Time started: 01:28
Place: My room (Wattle Park)
Listening to: "Ondine" from Gaspard de la Nuit - Ravel
Weather: Cold
Mood: Dazed

I participated in a piano competition for the first time in over 6 years today.
I probably played the best I've ever played in front of people for a really long time.

I think I surprised a lot of people because I'm mostly catastrophic and a shaking dog on the stage and for the first time ever I actually had a lot of fun playing on the piano in front of Lucinda! It has been a long time since I've felt this way on stage.

I didn't win of course, I didn't expect to win but I never cared about winning. Today I played the best I could and that is a win for me.

I hope for my recital I will be at least 10 times better than I was today :).

Time finished: 01:35