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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Short Darwin Holiday

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It has been a while since I posted an entry. I have a mixture of excuses with being both slack and preoccupied, but I've decided that it is time that I should update this and hopefully make it brief.

I've been in Darwin for the past three weeks and tomorrow morning I am heading back to cold and miserable Adelaide. It makes me sad knowing that the holidays has come to an end.

What have I been up to while I've been here? Well...mostly staying at home and practising unproductively on the piano but I had a few opportunities to catch up with old friends. Unfortunately I didn't get to catch up with them as much as I would've hoped but when I was lovely!
I had a couple of brunches with my old high school friends, and a couple of dinners with them as well. It was nice to have some quirky moments with them like back in the old days. I went to the Mindil Beach Markets every week. I just love the culture and the atmosphere there. Unfortunately I only went to the beach once (I know...disappointing) but I managed to take a couple of nice photos there. It was so nice to see them again. I'm so glad that after having graduated from high school three years ago and been scattered all around the country, we all still manage to get together and spend some time together during the holidays. It just makes our friendship so much more special.
I went to the movies and watched Get Smart, The Dark Knight, and The X Files: I Want To Believe. Get Smart was surprisingly quite amusing and great to watch (I didn't expect much of it, I had to admit), The Dark Knight, without a doubt, was superb but it made me sad knowing that it was Heath Ledger's final full performance. He was a sensational joker, like everyone says. Christian Bale also made an awesome Batman too. In fact...all the actors were good! As a huge X Files fan, I was incredibly disappointed with The X Files. The first movie "Fight the Future" was great, the series, is great...and it took so long for this second movie to be released and it was UTTER CRAP!!! Agent Mulder had a couple of great witty lines here and there but seriously...the movie was just a lame excuse for Billy Connelly to play a paedophile priest! I'm HUGELY disappointed...
At home I spent my free time watching anime. One series I managed to finish watching was Death Note. One word: AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe how good this series is!! If you haven't seen it...WATCH IT!
When mum gets home from work, at night we watch movies on my computer. It's good to spend time with her and let her have the opportunity to relax and enjoy a good movie at night. We watched a lot of movies since I was here.
Anyway, the weather here has been pure bliss. It's warm enough to wear just a shirt and shorts (I feel so free!) and it's still cool and balmy. Sunny skies and cool breezes all day long. Just perfect! I am dreading going back to Adelaide right now where it's raining, freezing cold...and miserable. I am also dreading going back to university since earlier I mentioned I practised UNPRODUCTIVELY. My teacher, Lucinda is going to be very unimpressed with how much I've learned of my pieces...which isn't a lot at all...
I am by no means falling behind for semester two, but I really wanted to show her that I'm a dedicated and hard working student. These holidays I've been pretty lazy with piano practise. There were even some days that I didn't do any practise at all!

Well...on the brighter side of things, my semester one results came out a couple of weeks ago. As soon as I got my results I was bouncing off the walls and this is why:
Classical Performance: 82 Distinction (I was expecting a Credit)
Keyboard Musicianship: 79 Distinction (again, was expecting a Credit)
Foundations of Music History: 86 High Distinction (expecting a Distinction)
Analysis and Theory of Music: 86 High Distinction (actually...I expected this =P)
I am sooooo happyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My two practical courses (Classical Performance and Keyboard Musicianship) are still continuing so hopefully I can scrape them up to a High Distinction by the end of the year, I would still be happy if I got Distinction though. And hopefully for Foundations of Music History 2 and Contrapuntal Analysis & Composition of Music for this semester, I can maintain high marks like semester 1.

Well, next time I update this, I'll probably be in Adelaide. In two weeks time though, I will be back in Darwin again for my cousin's wedding :D. I am looking forward to coming back to Darwin and seeing my beloved cousin tying the knot, and just being home, even if it's only for 4 days.

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