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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The First Semester Approaches its End

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It is now exam season of semester one and I am approaching my very final exam of the semester which will be my classical performance for piano on 1st July. Am I ready for it? Not left hand has a lot of insecurities and misbehaves. My right hand is bold, arrogant and moves like a truck. Perhaps I am not showing them enough tender loving care. Lucinda tells me that I should have an intimate relationship with the piano. Intimate, huh? Well it seems like we're having a lot of disagreements with each other...
Anyway...before I get carried away with my difficult love affair with a musical instrument, I'll make a short summary on term two (or at least try to make it short).

First of all, I'd like to mention that even though at times the work load has been intense (ie. Music History's final essay, stressing over sight reading and transposition for Keyboard Musicianship, assignments for Music Theory etc, etc, etc...), I have thoroughly enjoyed myself, learning everything about music! I'm doing reasonably well and I feel like I've found my grounds. Once again, I have to say switching from Biomedical Science to Music was by far the BEST decision I've made in my life! I just feel like I belong to what I am doing now. I've never been happier about where I am in life than now.

With my more positive outlook in my studies, I've found that I also have a more positive personality at home too. I'm not depressing around my house mates anymore, seeking comfort in them like I did in the past. I concentrate better in class, and with my surroundings elsewhere. I think clearer, I'm happier, filled with more energy and overall, life is just so much better.

The fundamental cause of this is making friends which I've struggled and tried to do since I moved to Adelaide. First of all I'd like to make a testimonial to Pey Shin: fun, genuinely caring, supportive, loyal, spontaneous, and even with her don't-take-life-too seriously attitude and energetic nature, still sophisticated and wise at the same time. I look forward to going to uni just to talk to this girl and hearing what she has to say about anything. I feel like I can learn a lot from this girl in terms of life experiences and outlooks in life as well. Her genuine kindness also makes me love her more and more as I get to know her too. I can just feel that we'll share a lot of good moments to come in the coming years. Even though I only got to know her in such a short time, I already feel like I can trust her completely and hopefully I can show her my loyalties to her too in return to what she's given me.
Secondly, a testimonial to Sam: What can I say...oddball (!!!!!), at times - psychotic, intellectual, energetic, funny, enthusiastic, friendly, always smiling and easy going (as well as easily distracted =P). He is like the icing of the cake that makes dull cakes awesome and gives them their zest (yes, I'm terribly with my clichés...lay off, will ya?)! I'm glad I've had the opportunity to study music theory with him because I've learned we share a lot of common interests, especially with music (and none of my friends share my taste in music! Waaah!), and he's a lot of fun to talk to and be around. I feel like I can have enjoyable conversations with him that have no means of an end when a lot of other people would find talking to me completely and utterly boring. His dedication and enthusiasm astounds me too. I've told him this many times already but I'm so proud of him.
Pey Shin and Sam are pretty much the two new friends I've made that helped me get through the last moments of Semester 1, especially when we practised for our Chauralation exam and our Introduction to Analysis and Theory of Music exam. We had intense rehearsal and study sessions which consisted of us going to uni almost every day for several hours, getting together and helping each other learn and improve. We tired ourselves out physically and mentally yet we supported each other all the way through and there were hilarious moments here and there that made it oh so fun! Even though I am REALLY glad the Music Theory exam is over (and I think I did brilliantly in it, by the way), I miss our study sessions which I know we won't have for another few months at least! Boohoo :(.
Speaking of Chauralation rehearsals, I can't fail to mention Feishi (who we affectionately call Fei =P, maybe I should call Pey Shin/Josephine 'Pey' or 'Joseph'...hehe...OHNOES...TANGENT!): I don't know her TOO well yet but from the short time we've spent together I've learned that she is very sweet, encouraging, dedicated, and she surprisingly tolerated my bossiness (well, I felt like I was being bossy anyway) during the rehearsals (I'm so sorry, Fei!). She was always bubbly, friendly, yet reserved in our rehearsal which I think is really cute. Hopefully I will become better acquainted with her next semester!

I also must mention Johanna whom I also haven't gotten to know too well yet but am getting there. She has expressed a lot of kindness and concern for me during times when I was sick, or stressed from studies. She's quite funny, mature, and really friendly with everyone around her. I cannot forget her giving up her studying time, coming out night shopping with me (Pey Shin too). We spent a good two hours at least looking for my black pants which I needed for our Chauralation concert, even though she didn't need to buy anything that night. She also kindly helped me out with Music Theory by giving me her mp3's for our Repertoire Listening Project. What a life saver!

There are also a lot of other people that I would like to mention here too but I have still yet to know them better but I am keen to for the next semester. In the mean time, I am really happy that I have made awesome friends this semester and I would like to express my gratitude and love for them being awesome for who they are :). I feel so blessed to have met so many kind people throughout my life, especially here in Adelaide where I'm away from home, mum, a lot of my old friends. And how can I forget my old friends? They are all so important to me, and they know who they are so I don't need to mention their names. It's only just over a week 'til I get to see them again back in Darwin, and for those who aren't in Darwin...I will see them some day again :). to events (yeah...I think I epically failed on keeping this short!). Early in June I had my Keyboard Musicianship Exam. I did alright but I didn't do as well as I would've liked. Sight reading really let me down. I am tragic at sight reading. I wouldn't be surprised if I got zero marks for it. I also did horribly in clarinet transposition too (which is practically sight reading). At least I did perfectly/almost perfectly at my other prepared topics so that made up for the ghastliness. We also had a Chauralation concert which overall was pretty good. I witnessed some very awesome choirs and I had fun singing in it too. It wasn't so much fun going home alone late at night though...
I can't remember the chronological order but I also did an Aural test (which I aced), an assignment for Theory (89% Woo!), Music History essay about Enlightenment and the Sonata Form (which took me forever!!!!!!), Chauralation exam (individually I did pretty good, but our group performances weren't quite so because of the sound of the keyboard playing while we sang...oh the horror!), and finally, the Music Theory exam we did on Monday. Pey Shin, Sam and I studied so hard for it and I think I did good, Sam reckon he passed (yay!) but Pey Shin was disappointed for not finishing one question, but I'm sure she did excellently overall anyway!

Today (well...yesterday according to the clock) I caught up with Adam whom I haven't seen for a several weeks and we went to Glenelg for lunch. It was good to see him again and we had a depressing reminiscence of the 90's which wasn't so good but what the heck...the day was still awesome! It was good to get out of studying and just going out and taking some time off while catching up with a friend!

Now I have nothing to do but practise 6 hours a day on the piano for my piano exam which I am EXTREMELY nervous about...I really want to do well but I feel like I haven't gotten up to the standard I want to be at yet.
I hope everyone else who has/had exams is doing/did fine with their studying. For those who still have exams, good luck!

Time for me to shut up and make my exit! Min has left the building! Peace out, and goodnight!

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