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Monday, April 28, 2008

Christmas Came Early For Me!!!

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Today's the first day of term two. I had to hand in a huge assignment today which I finished at 3am this morning and had to hand in by noon. I was very sleep deprived early in the day. Hopefully the sleep debt will pay off because I think I did well in my assignment. I'm hoping for a high distinction :D.

The timetables for the public transport in my region changed yesterday and today I could see that it has caused a lot of people (including the bus drivers) a lot of confusion. The time changes of the Gawler Train line isn't a huge issue but the route change of the bus 225 has been a pain in the arse. Me and a handful of other people tried to catch the bus home today. We got on the 224 and got off a stop that connected to what the 225 would usually connect. However there was a guy who was already at the stop swearing his head off because he was waiting for the 225 for the last 2 hours. We asked the other bus drivers who stopped at the stop and they said that the 225 should be connecting at this stop. We waited for 45 minutes and there was still no 225. Then the 222 came and the bus driver said that the 225 no longer connected at this stop so he told us to hop on and get off another stop that the 225 should connect to. We got off the stop and waited for a further 30 minutes but there was still no 225. We gave up and decided to board on the 224 and just get off the major interchanges to get on the 225. I got off at Salisbury Interchange and caught the 225 home. This 225 had the letter "M" in front of it which I've never seen before. I think I'm going to need to study this new bus route...either that or I'll never catch the bus again. I wasted an unnecessary three hours getting home today...

Anyway...about the good news. When I came home, within 10 minutes, the delivery man knocked on my door. My long anticipated new camera arrived!!!!!!!!! It felt like Christmas for me. I waited for my camera for a month! It's a pity it came after Becca's been here but it's better than it never coming at all. Speaking off Becca. I miss her. I had a great time with her being here. I was always constantly doing something with her, but now that she's gone, it seems like all I do is sleep. I vacuumed the house today which is good because it hasn't been vacuumed for two weeks. I also now have a chance to catch up on all the uni stuff I kept on putting off during the holidays. I will see Becca in September - October anyway. I am highly anticipating on this holiday :).

Well, the only photos I've taken with my camera so far are just of me and my house mates but I've been messing around with it and it is uber AWESOME!!! Tomorrow I have a day off from uni so I'll try to put some time to go outside and find some photographic opportunities and post something up on my devArt gallery for the first time in months! It's amazing how quick time flies...I can't believe it's nearly May! Far out! In two weeks it's my 20th (pronounced twenteenth, thank you very much! I would like to think of myself as still a teen!) birthday! Aw I feel old... AW CRAP! I GOTTA FIND A 21ST BIRTHDAY PRESENT FOR RYAN AND ADRIAN! Waaaaaah! T_T. Present hunting stress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >.<;; When will this madness end?!

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