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Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Change...

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There have been many changes! Some are old news but have just not been established properly for this blog.

  • I have decided to make a new blogspot since my old one: has not been update for over a year!
  • I have dropped out of biomedical science and am now studying bachelor of music and majoring in classical performance.
  • I have moved from Darwin to Adelaide due to studies.
I decided to make a fresh start with this new blog so I could make a comparison of myself a year ago and myself now and also make it easier for me to reflect on my past, present, and future.

Making the switch has been highly beneficial for me in many ways. I am enjoying this course immensely, my health has improved a lot due to an increase in happiness and a reduction to stress, and making this decision has allowed me to grow as a person having experienced such a huge decision in my life.

Moving from Darwin to Adelaide has never been easy but it is certainly a great experience. I am more independent, responsible, free, and learning a lot about myself and new skills with life with the interaction of my house mates, a new environment, and having to resolve life battles on my own. Initially I hated this move but I have grown accustomed to the lifestyle here. The weather will always be horrible but on the bright side, this makes me appreciate what I had back in Darwin and my trips back will always be wonderful.

Overall, life is turning into the better for me. I also hope as we are all growing older...everyone has a chance to find some good changes in their lives and live happily.

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