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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Speculation on Alternate Realities

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So I've been watching movies like De ja vu, Star Treck, The Oxford Murders, and reading random stuff about space and time and how there are random 6 hours that appear in space.

This makes me is theoretically possible to time travel/exist in more than one place/time thus it is possible to have a co-existing reality. This brings up my theory of the universe having no/many absolute truths which I guess is similar to the Buddhist belief of no God/many Gods. I guess either way could be true because I believe that whatever people believe in, whether they're Atheist or Christian, to be true. Why do people spend so much time arguing to each other about who's religion is right and wrong? Everyone is so convinced they are right that it seems illogical for them to find that they're wrong. Can't we just for the sake of argument and exploring the truth just sit back and think for a second that maybe everyone is both right and wrong? It doesn't seem logical that people can exist in more than one place, or time travel, or that time is not linear, yet it is theoretically (with very specific calculations) possible!

Why do we experience De ja vu? Is it because in a reality we've already gone through the same path we are crossing now?

Why are there random 6 hours that appear out of nowhere in space? I reckon those 6 hours are for the choices we could have made and the alternate fate exists in an alternate reality, ie. the extra 6 hours in our galaxy.

Why are there theories about wormholes and time travelling and how it's theoretically possible to exist in more than one place? The evidence in quantum physics is sound. This proves that time is not linear. It's not even three dimensional. It's just endless and is in the light. It's just everything. There really is an eternity and God, this Diety, a force, an unexplainable energy, whatever people want to call it exists in eternity. This also allows me to speculate that there are unlimited ways each and every one of us have lived our lives. I don't know if our co-existences ever cross paths, but I guess in a sense it does which is why people get de ja vu. It could be moments that cannot be changed or simply just haven't changed. Whether or not we can individually change our destinies, I wouldn't know, but I think there are many destinies for one person. They just don't occur simultaneously in one reality.

I would love to call myself a Christian because I do believe in God, and I do believe in Jesus dying for our sins, the Bible and stuff like that but I am still too open minded to except the fact that it is the only way for people to live their lives spiritually. It's hypocritical, I know...but I just can't fault other people's beliefs and their way of finding spiritualism either so to this very day I am still a Buddhist. I don't believe God just damns people to hell. I'm not even sure if I see him as a humanoid diety. Is there really a heaven and hell? I think there is an afterlife but I don't know about Judgement day or singing Angels with a pearl gate, and flaming pool of fire with a horned Satan. I think we all make a path for our souls. I don't's hard to explain. I just think people should stop hating each other and telling each other what to believe and find whether they're right or wrong. We should all just let things be and just be the best possible person we can be. Why is it "against God's will" to be a Buddhist trying to find out what the truth is and showing compassion for others and helping each other all we can? Why would that be Satan deceiving people? Not necessarily the Buddhist way, but Islam, Hinduism etc. All religions have something in common which is compassion. Everyone is different and have different lifestyles, why can't we just all accept this and just let people live the way it is suited for them instead of shoving hate down everyone's throats? If we stop complicating things in our minds and our soul, and just empty everything in our head, it would probably be a lot easier to discover our truths. Like one of the Buddhist sayings "The cup needs to be empty in order to be filled."

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  1. If only it worked that way, there's always going to be wrong and right, just like there's always good and bad.

  2. Yes, in terms of black and white, but there are always shades of grey.
    For example, we can all generally believe that stealing is bad and it is wrong, but if we step into the theif's shoes, that person could be stealing food for his little sister while they're both starving on the streets with no money, no-one to help them. Their only means of survival is to steal. We can easily say that he would be bad and it would be wrong to not look out for his sister and let her die so isn't it in a sense also good that he is stealing for her?

    It is very easy for you to say that my speculations just don't work that way but I'm not prepared to rule out all possibilities. Maybe there is only one destination but there are many roads and pathways to it.
    It is also in mathematics. There are always equations with more than one answer and more than one way of getting the answer, even the most illogical of answers can be right.

    I'm only opening my mind and exploring the truth in the most natural way possible and if you think that it's wrong and evil then whatever. I'm not going to disregard other people's way of life, especially those who have found that they have become better and more compassionate people.