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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

To My Friends

Time started: 22:56
Place: My room (Wattle Park, Adelaide)
Listening to: My clock ticking
Mood: Loved

I just took a nice long, warm, shower and I haven't felt this good in days being sick and all. It made me think about how good certain people make me feel. Haha, that turned out kind of wrong, didn't needs to know how I feel while taking a shower xD.

So here's a testimonial to my friends who have done little things for me that did wonders to how I've been feeling. I've been really sick the past week and I've also been miserable missing Levon and some other "crap". You may not realise the little things that you do are all that matters...

Here's some friends worth honourable mentions for the past week or so:

Angie-pants: It was fun catching up with you in three different cities in a period of a month. It has been a while since we did things like this together. I'm glad you're still as bubbly and fun as ever. Thanks for showing Levon and I around in Melbourne in a period of an hour. And thanks for the random sms's that never fail to lift my spirits, even when I'm at my lowest.

Becky: You were great while I was down in Melbourne. You're still great now that I'm back in Adelaide. You understand the sadness I'm going through. Your concern for me is second to none. You've made me part of your family. You're a sweetheart and thanks for giving me the blessing of meeting our little nephew, little Liam! Thank you, Zombecca!

Bin Bin: Your constant messages, phone calls, and meetings just to see how I'm feeling, and the urgency to make me feel better is amazing. With the crap you have to go through yourself I can't imagine how you still have all that kindness just to be there for me at any chance you could. Your loyalty is astounding and your ability to listen has gotten me through.

KeKe: I'm touched by your persistence to be there for me even when I say I don't need it. Behind the crazy and bizarre things you do that frankly, make you look like a douche (no offense!), there is your ability to care (even when you say you don't) and your genuine compassion for others. I'm so glad that you've become such an important friend to me. I don't care how crazy you are, I'm proud to call you my friend.

Pey Pey: It's no surprise that you're listed here. You've been amazing over the years. I couldn't have dealt with this hard music course without you. You never hesitate to offer me a helping hand in all aspects of life. You had to go through so much of my sickness, my crying...everything, with so much concern. Thanks for the phone call just to see how I'm feeling and just for a chat. I'm sorry I'm worrying you with my absence. I will get better soon.

Rin Rin: My twin! I know you check up on me on msn whenever you suspect that I am in a low. You don't know how much a little "*heart*" or a "Hey" means to me. If only you'd stop being sick whenever I'm sick. We're both sick way too often. Please get better soon so we can continue having our routine hawt, vigorous buttsecks on the beach when we're both back in Darwin! *thrustthrustthrustthrustthrust!*

Tokyo-viking: Björn Björn! You're always up for a chat and that's all I need. You spread so much of your life, laughter, and love across the globe. You never put up with this sadness nonsense and do everything you could to eliminate it with your fun and playful nature. Thanks for your positive outlook in life. May you find what you're looking for in Japan!

And last, but not least...LeLe: After your three weeks of vacation with me, I cannot fathom why you still love me but I'm not going to complain. I'm sorry that you have to go back to heck loads of work...I hope you're coping okay. Your committment and dedication has moved me from one universe to another and is simply beyond my comprehension. I don't think I'd quite know what I'd be doing with my life without you. Now I have a direction because of all your love and support. Indescribeable is what you are to me. Calling you my other half would be an insult. You are my everything (you can all bag me out for being a wet lump of cheese, if you want...I don't care...), and for the squillionth time...I love you... *infinite hugs and kisses*

I tried to add a heart symbol at the end of each paragraph but html settings would't let me. LAME! Just envision a heart at the end of every paragraph yourself :P.

For anyone who I have not mentioned, please note that you are no less important to me than those I've mentioned. It's just that these guys have been wonderful over the past week and a half for me. I haven't forgotten about you.

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  1. -I- need to know how you feel when you're showering. ;D

    ...It had to be said again. >.>
    And ugh. I know right. You get better too! Three weeks for me tomorrow. I'm so over this! Twincest ftw :D


  2. Aw gawd....if it's going to be three weeks for you, then it's going to be three weeks for ME too!
    Gaaaaaaaargh! >.<;;
    Get better! X_x;;

    If only I inherited your good looks, then I wouldn't mind ;D.


  3. N'aw, I hope not! You get better quicker, ya here! Go on, beat me this time, I DARE you!

    How did you inherit anything from me. I'm your twin, not your mother! And you're like... a sexy asian version of me. ;D


  4. Remember back in the day when you also my grandmother? U SO TRICKEEEEEEEEEE!

    Well, I beat you coming out of the womb! xP
    I've failed to beat you since... :/

    Sexy Asian version of you.....I shall accept that for now, my sexy Dutch/German/French/whatever-else-there-is-in-you-I-forgot vixen!! *thrustthrustthrusththrustthrust!*


  5. No way. I only laid claim to being a pillow and I stand by that!

    Haha, well, here's your chance! All you gotta do is get fully better in less time then it takes me! :D Go go go!

    Haha, pretty sure I'm not part French :P Damn right you'll accept it! *thrustthrustthrust*


  6. All I can say is you're worth the effort Min. Plus, I now have the strings to pull to get you back down here! William needs his Aunty! I suppose you could bring Levon back too there is so much potential there. For instance I could tie you to my bed, stand there and watch Levon have his way with you. xD This time I'll have my camera handy and the lights wont be out!! :D

  7. That's...just a little bit disturbing, Zombecca...
    Didn't know you were into live porn ;).

  8. Yes you did, what do you think it was when you were humping each other on my living room floor? If not for your exceptionally good sound effects I may never have seen anything, as it was the whole thing played before my eyes in perfectly vivid flashes.

  9. Maybe Levon and I could get into a porn dubbing business. We'd be rich ;).
    Glad we stimulated your senses lol. We found it hilarious when you were like "Okay, guys...I'm feeling just a little bit hot right now...thank you..." xD.

  10. Wow...that's skill, just destroy all the confidence I had finally built up in myself why don't you. With one quick repeat of a sentence that I said at 2am in the morning after a whole week of broken sleep...Sadly I couldn't help snort and hit my head against the desk when reading that. What have you turned me into?

  11. Hahahahaha xD.
    It's okay...everyone knows that Levon and I are like total babes. I'm surprised we haven't made your nosebleed from all that stimulated pressure in your blood stream. You've done well :P.